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Transportation Infrastructure

Bridge Monitoring with Distributed Fiber-optic Sensing Technology

The primary aim of this project is to explore the application of fiber optic sensing (FOS) for strain measurements at crucial points in reinforced concrete structures. This is intended to evaluate structural performance and identify potential damage. FOS enables real-time distributed measurements al…

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Caltrans – Base Grouted Pile Testing

CSI participated in a full-scale field test of different base grouting technologies, using fiber optic sensing to measure strain and temperature development throughout the project. The project included the construction of 13 drilled shafts, base grouting of 12 of the 13, and full-scale load testing …

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Caltrans – Micropile monitoring – Eureka, California

CSI participated in a full-scale field test of grout piles using Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) to measure strain and temperature development throughout the project. The project involved the construction and load testing of 5 drilled grout columns for a Caltrans embankment construction proje…

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Caltrans – DFOS-embedded Ground Anchors

Caltrans – Geotechnical Resistance Capacity and Stress Distribution of Soil/Grout Interface of Ground Anchors in Various Soil/Rock Conditions using Continuous Fiber Optics Strain Technology and Strain Compatibility Methodology CSI is working with Caltrans to develop a cutting-edge distributed fiber …

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Caltrans – Evaluation of Soil Plug Geotechnical Resistance in the Design of CISS Piles

CSI has collaborated with Caltrans to deploy a distributed fiber optic sensing technology, specifically Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS) and Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) to quantify the effect of Cast-In-Steel Shell (CISS) pile soil plugging on pile capacity. The construction processes of C…

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CSI – DFOS-embedded Smart Road

At UC Berkeley’s Richmond Field Station, our innovative smart pavement incorporates fiber optic sensing cables embedded within a 100-meter-long stretch of hot mix asphalt roadway. Extensive experiments were conducted to assess the capabilities of phase-coherent optical time domain reflectometr…

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