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Bridge Monitoring with Distributed Fiber-optic Sensing Technology

    The primary aim of this project is to explore the application of fiber optic sensing (FOS) for strain measurements at crucial points in reinforced concrete structures. This is intended to evaluate structural performance and identify potential damage. FOS enables real-time distributed measurements along fiber optic cables, providing an alternative approach to structural health monitoring (SHM).

    A new bridge viaduct structure being constructed parallel to an existing roadway, was equipped with FOS for continuous monitoring of structural performance and damage detection.  Key objectives of the project include optimizing design and construction methods based on actual strains and load distributions measured using FOS. Initial research focuses on evaluating actual bridge performance compared to computational simulations. In the long term, the monitoring system could enable rapid post-earthquake damage assessments and continuous monitoring to enable proactive maintenance.

    Figure 1. Fiber optic cables in bridge column rebar cage prior to concrete pour.
    Figure 2. Fiber optic cables in bridge deck prior to concrete pour.


    Researchers: Han Liu, Rodrigo Tapia Corvolan, Matt DeJong

    Domains: Transportation Infrastructure

    Capabilities: Field Sensing

    Publication: TBA!