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Utility Members and CE112 Students Visit CSI

    On the vibrant day of October 17th, the Center for Smart Infrastructure (CSI) lab
    welcomed members from Pacific, Nor-Cal, and Western TAG utilities, as well as
    enthusiastic students from CE112 – Water & Wastewater Systems Design and
    Operation on October 19th. During these visits, we performed tension tests on 8-inch
    iPVC pipes, incorporating fiber optic sensors. The pipes were subjected to testing until a
    notable failure and water leakage were observed. We all see water splash! Additionally,
    we provided demonstrations of innovative technologies, including Spot, AR/VR
    technology, smart pavement, and drones, to showcase the advanced capabilities of the
    CSI lab.

    Fig 1. 8-inch iPVC pipe tension test experiment setup
    Fig 2. CE112 student visit CSI