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Tishman Speyer – Long-term Settlement Monitoring – downtown San Francisco, California

    Long-term settlement monitoring for Mission Rock, a 28-acre project site at San Francisco’s southern waterfront, aimed at transforming an existing parking lot to a mixed-use development comprising housing, commercial and park spaces for public. To monitor the settlement during the construction of development, fiber optic cables (both strain and temperature) have been deployed at three locations within the project site in 2022. The fiber optic cables for this project were installed via CPT push using a sacrificial anchor tip and pretension frame. These instrumentations have been monitored monthly as far as practicable since its installation.



    Collaborator: Tishman Speyer, Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.

    Researchers: Tianchen Xu, Andrew Yeskoo, Kenichi Soga (UC Berkeley)

    Domains: Underground Lifeline Infrastructure

    Capabilities: Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) – Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS), Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)

    Publications: TBA!