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Tianchen Xu

    Ph.D. Student

    Office: 418 Davis Hall

    Email: tianchenxu ‘at’ berkeley ‘dot’ edu

    Tianchen is currently a second-year PhD student at University of California, Berkeley working with Prof. Kenichi Soga. He is a member of fiber optic group and is working on infrastructure monitoring (mainly pipeline and gas well) with distributed fiber optic sensing technique. He is also focusing on the soil-pipeline interaction using finite element analysis to verify the feasibility of DFOS in infrastructure monitoring. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from Tongji University in 2019 and his Master of Science in Geosystems Engineering from UC Berkeley in 2020. He’s also a visiting student at UC Berkeley from 2018-2019.

    Research interests:

    • Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Technique
    • Infrastructure Health Monitoring
    • Soil-Pipeline Interaction
    • Finite Element Analysis