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NSF – Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure: Computational Modeling and Simulation Center 2021-2025

    The Computational Modeling and Simulation Center (SimCenter) is dedicated to enhancing the nation’s ability to simulate the impact of natural hazards on structures, lifelines, and communities. They offer advanced computational modeling and simulation software tools, support, and educational materials to the natural hazards engineering research community. SimCenter employs an open-source framework to address various natural hazards such as windstorms, storm surge, tsunamis, and earthquakes. They utilize machine learning to improve modeling and simulation by incorporating data from experimental tests, field investigations, and previous simulations. The center quantifies uncertainties in simulation results and leverages high-performance parallel computing to create sophisticated workflows. They also extend and refine software tools for performance-based engineering evaluations, decision-making, and community resilience against multiple natural hazards.

    Collaborator: National Science Foundation (NSF)

    Researchers: Tianyu Han, Jinyan Zhao, Kenichi Soga, Matthew DeJong (UC Berkeley)

    Domains: Natural Hazards

    Capabilities: Numerical Modeling/Simulations

    Summary: CSI is working to develop innovative numerical modeling and simulation tools for natural hazards!

    Publications: TBA!