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Linqing Luo


    Office: Davis 437

    Email: ll432 ‘at’ berkeley ‘dot’ edu or linqingluo ‘at’ lbl ‘dot’ gov

    Linqing started his research work in University of Liverpool where he developed an automatic testing system to detect the leakage current of oxide layer made by different new oxidizing material in CMOS technology during his underground studies in 2012. He then moved to University of Cambridge for an MRes degree. During his master’s degree, he focused on liquid crystal studying on LC laser and designed a portable and wearable near-infrared topography system for imaging functional activation in the brain.

    Linqing’s PhD project is to develop a low-cost and high-performance Brillouin Scattering Fibre sensor system particularly developed for civil engineering in Structural Health Monitoring during construction and life-time maintenance. The system can be used to detect the failure inside the buildings and can detect the strain change in a large area and long distance. His research includes distributed Brillouin scattering based fibre optic analyzer design and improvement on the spatial and frequency measurement. After the work with colleagues, the measurement speed has been improved to provide the dynamic measurement with long distance.

    Now Linqing is working on dynamic distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS) system. He applies his research on to the pavement and vehicle detection. He works is part of the smart infrastructure and smart city in terms of structural health monitoring. He contributes to the design of sensing system of underground temperature sensing network and chemical sensing network in soil and environment monitoring. He also works on crack detection by using DFOS.