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Berkeley ITS – Transit System Vulnerability and Resilience

    As part of the California Resilient and Innovative Mobility Initiative (RIMI), this project aims to develop a regionwide multi-modal traffic simulation tool to help with planning and policymaking during the recovery stage of an earthquake, which is expected to help California’s transit systems understand their vulnerabilities and resilience when the services get disrupted by a full-scale disaster. The developed transportation simulation tool will be used to map emerging vulnerabilities of California public transit systems and public shared mobility services and assess the feasibility of the current disaster response/recovery planning among California transit operators and shared mobility operators.

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    Collaborator: UC Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies

    Researchers: Pengshun Li, Yanglan Wang, Binyu Zhao, Louise Comfort Kenichi Soga (UC Berkeley)

    Domains: Natural Hazards

    Capabilities: Numerical Modeling/Simulations

    Publications: TBA!