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DOE – Geothermal based Optimized Energy Systems (GOES)

    The majority of electricity utilized by UC Berkeley, along with its entire steam supply for heating, is generated from a co-generation plant situated on campus, which, however, contributes to 80 % of campus CO2 emissions. Moreover, the aged energy delivery system suffers from serious distribution loss due to the deterioration. Soga Research Group is gathering campus facility data and establishing a campus building model using Sympheny to simulate and optimize the current energy delivery strategy. In the future, renewable energies will be introduced into this model to evaluate the feasibility of replacing the co-generation plant and ultimately reach Carbon Neutrality.



    Collaborator: NSF Smart & Connected Communities

    Researchers:  Jiahui Yang, Kecheng Chen, Kenichi Soga (UC Berkeley)

    Domains: Energy Systems

    Capabilities: Numerical Modeling/Simulations

    Publications: TBA!